Welcome to The Poppy Blanket Project!


This project was started after Sheilah Lee Restall (the organizer) saw a post on reddit about another community who came together and made a massive, beautiful poppy blanket. Inspired by this post, she reached out to the Handmade Winnipeg Facebook group community to see if anyone wanted to go off the deep end with her, and take on the massive undertaking of trying to do the same thing here in Winnipeg. The response was an overwhelming YES! From there Sheilah reached out to City Councillor Devi Sharma, who was responded with enthusiasm and has partnered with Sheilah to move the project forward to and become a success.

In one years time the community has come together and made a blanket more than 85ft in length, with over 8000 handmade poppies, and thousands of dedicated ribbons. Our community has made something amazing!

The Poppy Blanket hanging at the Manitoba Legislature

We are pleased to have been granted permission by The Royal Canadian Legion to honour our veterans through our project and to use the Poppy Trademark(please refer to the bottom of the page for trademark details).

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Devi Sharma
City Councillor of Old Kildonan

Garden City Shopping Centre

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You can reach the organizers by e-mailing info[at]PoppyBlanket[dot]ca
The POPPY DESIGN is a registered trademark of The Royal Canadian Legion, Dominion Command and is used under licence.
La représentation du coquelicot est une marque de commerce enregistrée de La Direction nationale de La Légion royale canadienne, employée sous licence.